Design Narratives.
On Sonic Arts and the Creation of Worlds


Excerpt of the article:

“One of the core elements in contemporary visual and audio culture is, without a doubt, the creation of narratives: everything needs to merge together in different shapes to give life to a sequence of events, materials, designs, memories, and objects. The creation of an art product requires the creation of a narration, that it has been affected and shaped by other narrations − and that could affect in turn.
In recent years, technology helped to land into an unknown territory of representation and interactivity, in part due to the sky-rocketed evolution of game design as an affective tool, capable of modelling new scenarios in contemporary practices. Therefore, game design is a combination of different elements able to spread into every mode of expression, such as visual contents, sonic objects, screenplays, coding, interactive components and so on.
Nevertheless, what I really would like to highlight in relation to this particular context is the combination of sound and game design as innovative tools to establish new systems made of environments and worlds.”

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