The weaning of goods 
sound design

Video installation
w/ Daniele Costa and Simone Rossi

The weaning of goods (a mechanical affair) is a video that explores the timing and the mechanisms inside the port terminals. The film is set in the Multiservice and Container terminals of the commercial port of Porto Marghera (VE), one of the focal points in the industrial area of Venice. The aim is to show the function of these private spaces and the status of the goods during a moment of stasis, just before the process of distribution.
The photography focuses on the dynamics indise the port, as a silent observer. Mechanical subjects are connected with human processes in a scenario made of immense and wide open spaces.

The sound is based on field recordings captured inside the port area and subsequently modified through massive post-production. The result is a continuous alternation of deafening industrial rumbles and silent noises; the limits of the area are reproduced through the use of excessive frequencies in a perpetual interchange between maximal events and unperceptible situations.

The weaning of goods Trailer from Daniele Costa on Vimeo.