Sam Rolfes.
Interaction in the Metaverse



Excerpt of the article:

“New York-based artist Sam Rolfes is one of those personalities who best represent the concepts of worlding, combining a personal database of influences with an incredible application of new technologies and aesthetics. Moving from graphic design, experimental music, and 3D animation, he merges everything into his experimental VR performances, where spatial choreography plays a fundamental role. Alongside his team, Team Rolfes ⎯ founded with his brother Andy ⎯ he realized projects and collaborations with Danny L Harle, the collective House of Kenzo, Lady Gaga and A.G. Cook, often portrayed in festivals, galleries and experimental events all over the world. I had the pleasure to talk with Sam about his creative process, his unique set of compositional/composite elements, and his latest project.“

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