(Genesis of Non-Machinic Strife For an Endless Architecture

Produced, mixed and mastered by Nicola Zolin
Main artwork by Alberto Cattani

1. Petals Shattering_No
    sources of AMBITION    03:16

2. Annihilate the Eternal
    Unstable || Love me one
    more time and then
    disappear;)    05:02

3. Data 6 //   01:55
4. Vermin God    04:00

5. Tech-Gore OVERLOAD
     || You can (NOT) survive   04:14

6. Return to Everything...
     Endless Zanarkand     01:46

INFINITE SPIRALING (Genesis of Non-Machinic Strife for an Endless Architecture) is an expandable universe, based on sonic fiction and machine learning as world-building tools. The project is composed by 6 tracks that attempt to build an environment made of events and characters interwined with each other in a non-chronological line. Inspired by the narrative design of old JRPGs and weird literature, INFINITE SPIRALING is an EP that wants the listener to create their own story through sound. Elements coming from hyperpop are melted with black metal pieces, by alternating moments of blasting fury with ethereal scapes.

The project is also accompanied by a text/image document generated through Midjourney and InferKit.

JRPG, demonology, external deities, body horror, screamo, mechas, ancient hymns, romance, rituals of resurrections through cloud rap, final battles, cosmic pessimism, hyperpop, anime, rotten bodies on a shore, black metal, nanotechnology, memetics, the end of everything. A seinen for lonely people.