Melting Environments.
On Sonic Arts and the Creation of Worlds


Excerpt of the article:

“In late 2019, the renowned and discussed website Pitchfork published an article by the critic Simon Reynolds that unexpectedly gave life to an online shambles in the electronic music community.
The article concerned was a synthetic exploration of a new tendency in the world of experimental electronic music: since the end of the ‘00s, artists started to create works not only relegated to the musical medium but spread also into the most disparate territories, like visual art, fashion design, and publishing. Simon Reynolds brings together these artists under the same conceptual umbrella, calling it Conceptronica.
In the article is possible to highlight different topics, but the one that summarizes this conceptual attitude the most is related to the creation of worlds. With this term, Reynolds wants to state the same tendency that exists in the world of contemporary visual arts to create environments made of different media in a perpetual, immersive and liquid assemblage of references.“

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